All at the Zoo!

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A rhyme describing and counting the birds and animals you might find at the zoo. Check out our Fun Stuff page for great activities to go with this poem.

One lazy lion, lying in the sun
Two small monkeys, with a currant bun.

Three big elephants, lumbering around
Four hissing snakes, sliding on the ground.

Five tall giraffes, eating from the trees
Six stripy zebras, being chased by bees.

Seven slippy sea-lions, splashing in a pool
Eight pink flamingoes, trying to keep cool.

Nine chimpanzees, with tasty leaves to chew
Ten happy children, all at the zoo!

© to Brenda Williams

Published by Practical Pre-School.

Encourage children to show the correct number of fingers to correspond with the number of animals. Select and count ten children to stand as a group. Read the poem again asking first one, then two children and so on, from the ten, to join in with the actions of the animals.