Dandelion Lane

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A lovely poem all about the life cycle of a dandelion flower. Check out our Fun Stuff page for great activities to go with this poem.

Dandelion yellow
Dandelion bright
How did you turn so
Fluffy and white?

Here in the hedgerow
Once dressed in gold
Your head has turned silver
Your petals grown old.

Now as I blow
To make dandelion time
Your parachutes fly
And I hear your clock chime.

One o'clock, two o'clock
Count out the sound
Watch the white angels
Float to the ground.

Here near the meadow
You'll grow once again
And then I will find you
In Dandelion Lane

© to Brenda Williams

Published by Scholastic.

Check out our Colouring In page for an printable version of the poem, complete with illustrations for you to colour.