Follow the Rainbow

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A colourful counting rhymes all about a rainbow. Check out our Fun Stuff page for great activities to go with this poem.

One for sunshine
Two for rain
Three for a rainbow
Down the lane.

Four for colours
Five for light
Six for a rainbow
Shining bright.

Seven for a bridge
Eight for sky
Nine for a rainbow
Curving high.

Follow the rainbow
Bright and bold
Ten for the end
And a pot of gold.

© to Brenda Williams

Published by Practical Pre-School.

Ask children to count each number on fingers. Involve children in colouring a large rainbow, bridging a wide display wall. Place a sun with a smiley face at the beginning of the rainbow, near to a number one. Space the following numbers using the rainbow as a number line. Place a picture of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow near to number ten. Say the rhyme again, encouraging children to point to and follow the numbers on the rainbow number line to the pot of gold.