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Check out this great mixture of activities, there is something for every child including baking, getting creative with collage and even making your own chinese paper lanterns! It's always lovely to hear from you, so if you would like to send in a photograph of your child's art work, I'd be happy to display it on the website. Unfortunately we cannot display images of children, so please only send photos of the artwork or activity. Just email them to

Here you can find a fun selection of Activity Sheets which will really bring all your favourite Action Rhymes to life. Not every rhyme has an activity sheet yet, but keep checking back as more are being added. Click Here to see what we have to offer.

Your child will be able to bring their favourite poems to life with our selection of fabulous colouring-in pages. Simply click on the picture they want, print it off and get creative! You can even email me a photo of the finished page at, the most imaginative designs will be displayed on the website. Click Here to see what we currently have available.

These bright and colourful posters are ideal for displays in classrooms or nurserys, for use as a teaching resource, or just as decoration for a child's bedroom. Click Here to see what we have to offer.

Barefoot Books have created some fantastic activities for children who enjoyed "Lin Yi's Lantern".

Learn how to create your own paper lanterns by Clicking Here.

Get the recipe for some delicious mooncakes by Clicking Here.

If your child liked "The Real Princess" they might be interested in these activities by Barefoot Books.

Make your own gorgeous feather bed collage (fit for a Princess!) by Clicking Here.