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Brenda Williams is a children's author and poet. She is a former primary school teacher and early years specialist, and was Literacy Co-ordinator and Home/Schools Liaison Advisor for First and Middle School.

Her books are published by Barefoot Books. Feel free to visit their brilliant website to browse or buy.

You can also find more of her work at Brilliant Publications.

Her children's poems, action rhymes, and stories are also widely published in anthologies, and educational magazines such as Scholastic's Child Education and Practical Pre-school.

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Hello, I'm Brenda.

Welcome to my website! I have loved poetry since, as a small child, I found my first 'Rupert' book in my Christmas stocking! At first, it was wonderful just to 'read' the delightful pictures of Rupert and his many friends. Later, as my reading skills grew, I began to enjoy the written words, but once I discovered the two rhyming lines under each picture I was hooked! How fantastic it seemed, to condense all that text into two simple lines of poetry. Its very brevity held its own appeal.

So, this site is written and designed especially for all those parents, carers, teachers and early years practitioners who, like me, have long been aware of the value of poems, finger rhymes, action rhymes and counting rhymes for the pleasure of their rhythm, rhyme and repetition and for their educational importance in developing language, mathematics, music, and understanding of new concepts.

The poems offered will vary in suitability across an age range of 3-12, and will be in many poetic styles covering a variety of themes. Some will also offer activities which support the National Curriculum.
Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy it!

You may also be interested in viewing my brand new blog, click here to head over there now and take a look. I will be using it as a way of keeping in touch with parents, teachers and publishers who are interested in my work.

This section is where updates to the website will be posted, if you want a quick overview of the latest poems and updates, this is the place to check!


- Planning some Spring time activities or lessons? Have a look at the brand new Spring Poems section, with lots of new poems, including exciting action rhymes!

- Added the latest books "Outdoor Opposites" and Millie's Chickens to the Books section.

- "I Am Winter, King of Seasons" is now available on TES resources for 2 pounds. This is a Power Point Presentation of Wintry Poems by Brenda Williams.
Also includes:
- Five linked Lesson Plans
- Twelve Work Sheets.
- Suitable as a springboard to inspire children in English,Music, Art and Design, and Physical Education at Key Stages One and Two

Click here to visit TES Resources and purchase.

- "I Am Spring, Queen of Seasons" is now available on TES resources for 2 pounds. This is a Power Point Presentation of Spring Poems, in different styles, including:- personification: letter poems, recipe poems, shape poems, and festival poems on Easter and May Day.
Also includes:
- Six linked lesson plans
- Fourteen Work Sheets
- Suitable as a springboard to inspire children in English, Art and Design, Natural World, Design and Technology, and Physical Education.

Click here to visit TES Resources and purchase.

- Added the latest book "A Thumping Great Rabbit" published by Springboard Stories to the site. Click here to have a look.

- Added two new sections to the website, Action Rhymes and Number Rhymes.

- There is also a new section on the Fun Stuff page, you can now print out all your favourite action rhymes brought to life as Activity Sheets - black & white and full colour versions available.

- "Dandelion Lane" and "The Air is Full" are now featured over on the Colouring Pages and Posters sections.

- We've been featured over at Charlotte's Kitchen - a parenting and lifestyle blog about being a stay at home mummy. Click here to see what was said!

- Added 3 new poems to the Summer poems section.

- Added a new section for Number Rhymes. Head on over for some great counting and number related poems including "Jumping High", "Hurray! Hurray! It's Holiday!" and loads more.

- Added a new website to the "Useful Links" section. See below or Click Here to check out the fantastic Springboard Stories site.

- Added the "News" section to the homepage, check here for a quick overview of what is going on with the website!

- Added some new poems to the Festivals & Celebrations section of the website, including "Love Is...", "The Easter Bunny" and "Colourful Maypole"

- Altered the way the Festivals & Celebrations poems are laid out. They are now grouped into Spring, Summer, Autum, Winter and Other festivals instead of alphabetically. Hopefully this makes it faster and easier to find what you are looking for.

- We are working on some new posters and colouring sheets which should be up on the Fun Stuff page shortly.

Please use any of the poems posted on this site to share with children in the home, nursery or school setting.

However, they should not be used in any publication without permission.