Jumping High

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A cheerful action rhyme about little frogs jumping in a pool. Check out our Fun Stuff page for great activities to go with this poem.

Children hold hands in a circle, and chant the rhyme as they walk round a child in the middle.

One little frog
Trying to keep cool
Jumped on a lily pad
And fell into a pool!

Child in the middle jumps forwards and falls over.

Jumping higher
Jumping high
Jumped so far
He reached the sky!

Child in the middle jumps up high then calls in another child.

Two little frogs, etc...Repeat up to 10 frogs

Finish by counting down i.e.

Ten little frogs
Jumping on the moon
One jumped off
And was home quite soon

One child leaves the middle

Nine little frogs, etc...

© to Brenda Williams

Published by Practical Pre-School.

Help children to focus on the increasing number of frogs assembling in the middle of the circle by counting them each time one more is added. Then ask them to count the frogs again after each one returns home. For younger children keep the total number of frogs to five.