Lin Yi's Lantern

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Meet Lin Yi - a little boy with a big heart and a talent for bargaining. Tonight is the moon festival and he wants nothing more than a red rabbit lantern; but first he must buy the things his mother needs at the market. This heartwarming story shows the rewards of putting others first, and includes educational notes at the end about the Chinese moon festival, life in rural China, and the legend of the moon fairy. Suitable for ages 5 - 9.

First published in August 2009 by Barefoot Books.

"Lin Yi's Lantern" has also been published in French and Korean.

"Lin Yi's Lantern" can be purchased from Barefoot Books.

"Lin Yi's Lantern" is also available as a set of beautiful A3 story cards, with the illustrations on one side and text on the other, perfect for teachers or nursery staff. These can be purchased from Rising Stars

For interesting activities including puzzles, making paper lanterns and baking moon cakes, check out the Fun Stuff section of the website.

"Lin Yi's Lantern" was listed in the Smithsonian Institute of U.S.A Notable Books for Children 2009, which highlights the most fascinating titles published that year.

It was also featured in Scholastic's Literacy Time - "Ten of the Best New Literacy Resources, November 2009".

The story cards by Rising Stars (including "Lin Yi's Lantern") won Best Primary Product at the Education Resources awards in March 2011.

"Lin Yi's Lantern" was named by "Reading is Fundamental" in Washington as one of the 45 titles chosen for its 2011-2012 "Macy's Multicultural Collection of Children's Literature" as part of this year's celebrations collection to commemorate their 45th birthday. During this year, 650 collections of these books will be distributed to schools and organisations across the US with a focus on reaching at-risk and under-served children.

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"This delightful story contains just the right balance of inevitability and surprise to captivate its young audience. There's a subliminal message about the value of money; and the illustrations combine authentic detail (including sumptuous collage-effect fabrics) with a cartoon quality that will, again, appeal to children. An added bonus is a retelling of the legend of the Moon Fairy at the end, which would make a delightful bedtime story by itself. There are also instructions on how to make your own paper lantern, as well as information about "Market Life in China." "Lin Yi's Lantern" is a special story about childhood yearnings, disappointment and elation that will strike a chord with young readers everywhere.
- Marjorie Coughlan, Paper Tiger Reviews June 2010

"A charming book - I sent this book to a beloved child, 3 years old. His mother is from China. She loved it as much as he did. The story took her back to her childhood memories of China, paper lanterns and moon celebrations. It prompted her to make paper lanterns with her son. She loved the story of the thoughtfulness and cleverness of the main character, Lin Yi. Her son wanted to read the book over and over. It gave me a warm feeling to know that the story was not only enjoyable and educational, but had that wonderful quality of letting loose memories that warmed the heart. My friend told me that she could hardly believe that the story was not written by someone from China, so factual and correct were the descriptions. It is certainly a book to treasure."
- Amazon Customer Review, April 3rd 2010

"A beautiful picture book. Notes are included about the Chinese Moon festival, life in rural China and the legend of the Moon Fairy."
- Scholastic Junior Ed PLUS "What's New?" October 2009

"A beautifully written tale by Brenda Williams, the story is accompanied by gorgeous deeply hued, evocative illustrations by Benjamin Lacombe. Perfect for work on stories from other cultures."
- Scholastic Literacy Time PLUS - "10 of the Best, New Literacy Resources" Nov 2009