Outdoor Opposites

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Poet Williams interprets the concept of opposites in a clever, rhyming book celebrating the outdoors.

Suitable for ages 2 - 6.

Due to be published in April 2015.

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"Poet Williams interprets the concept of opposites in a clever, rhyming book celebrating the outdoors. Children revel in opposites as they jump in a pond, enjoy a picnic or run with a kite, all with a rollicking band of animals in tow. Williams contrasts everything from actions (kids "stop" under a tree to wait out a storm, while two girls "go!" to run away from it) to emotions ("I can be happy, or I can be sad") and more complex concepts like "high" (a girl swings in a tree) and "low" (a boy and a girl crawl through bushes). Author and illustrator also create a delightful visual rhythm between text and pictures as one page eases into the next. "I can whisper," says one girl to another as they spy a buck in the distance; its opposite appears with the page-turn: "or I can... SHOUT!" scream a boy and girl as they sprint from a snorting bull. Oldfield's use of bright and sunny colors complements the multiethnic cast, drawing in the most diverse of readers. Sprawled across double-page spreads, her cheery illustrations adeptly showcase both a child's delight at being licked by a dog and the vibrant yellows of a sunflower's petals. (An enclosed CD with the text performed by the Flannery Brothers was not available for review.) An ebullient book with catchy, rhyming text that's fun to read again and again at home, in the classroom or under a tree."
- Kirkus Reviews, USA

"Some friends set out on a camping trip. As in any group experience, the kids don't all like to do the exact same things. In fact, the characters seem to celebrate the fact that they have the choice to do opposite activities. The illustrations are filled with bright colors that invite readers to explore the outdoors. Most spreads feature text that identifies opposite activities supported by the corresponding illustrations. For example, one spread displays the text "I can jump in, or I can jump out." A girl and some ducks are seen splashing into a pond while the opposing page shows a girl jumping out of the pond with some frogs. Each page offers a balanced mix of genders and races and the illustrations support the concepts. The text works well as a rhythmic picture book, but also has an accompanying CD to use the text as song lyrics. This book is a welcome departure from standard fare about opposites that only shows opposing words. Instead, this one offers space for conversation on similarities and differences among individual interests. VERDICT - With an educator's guidance, this picture book can serve multiple functions."
- School Library Journal, January 2015