Recipe for Spring

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A charming poem about the "ingredients" that make up the season of Spring. Check out our Fun Stuff page for great activities to go with this poem.


One brave snowdrop
Peeping through the snow.
Two yellow daffodils
As they start to grow.


A meadow full of lambs
As they gambol and they run
And a stream full of tadpoles
Wriggling in the sun.


A handful of blossom
As it billows from a tree
And the tiniest of ducklings
You can see.


Them together
On a bright March day
With a teaspoon of wind
And a little cloud of grey.


Them gently
To warm in the sun
Till springtime arrives
And winter has gone!

© to Brenda Williams

Check out our Colouring In page for an printable version of the poem, complete with illustrations for you to colour.